The small m

The small m

migrolino – the story behind the success

Christine Loriol
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In December 2022, migrolino AG passed the magic one billion franc threshold for the first time. How was that possible in less than 15 years? Journalist Christine Loriol tells the story of the “small m” since the very first concept paper. It shows the path to success, the setbacks that had to be overcome, what makes the retail business so fascinating and how the Migros subsidiary works internally.

Today, the migrolino brand is as much a part of everyday life in Switzerland as the Big M. But not many people know how it came about. CEO Markus Laenzlinger is the most important contemporary witness. He was heavily involved from the beginning of 1997 and managed migrolino until the end of October 2023. Two photo stories provide insights into 12 of the 370 migrolino shops and into the inner workings of the logistics centre. In addition, the British retail and convenience expert Dan Munford puts migrolino in an international context in his essay.


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Christine Loriol is a writer and journalist. She has contributed to numerous publications, from the concept to the text, most recently together with Islam Alijaj for his biographical manifesto Wir müssen reden (We have to talk) (Limmat Verlag, 2023). She was a radio journalist, has been self-employed for 25 years and describes “thinking, writing, talking” as her profession. She lives in Zurich and likes to retreat to the mountains or the seaside to write.

Dan Munford has over 20 years of experience in the global food, convenience and roadside
retail industry as a retail expert and reporter. He is the Managing Director of the consulting firm Insight Research and is a nonexecutive director on the board of an industry association for the technology, food and retail trade.

Marc Latzel lives and works as a photographer in Zurich. Among other topics, his work focuses on people, spaces and architecture and has been published internationally. He has also won multiple awards. Since 2020, he has been Head of the photography course at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zurich.

Marvin Zilm works as a freelance photographer for magazines and companies. He lives in Zurich and specialises in portraits, food and documentary reports.

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