The Bürgenstock Resort

The Bürgenstock Resort

History and stories about a unique resort from 1871 to today

Romano Cuonz
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The history of the Bürgenstock Resort begins in the 19th century with Franz Josef Bucher-Durrer and Josef Durrer, local entrepreneurs from the canton of Obwald. With a keen flair for business, mixed with skill and enthusiasm, the duo built the first exclusive hotels on the mountain. Soon the “hotel mountain” became world-famous, bolstered by technical wonders such as the Bürgenstock Funicular, the Cliff Walk, and the Hammetschwand Lift. Stars including Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, and Audrey Hepburn and high-ranking politicians such as Konrad Adenauer and Jimmy Carter came to stay at the resort high above Lake Lucerne. After the hotel facilities had become the subject of speculation in the 1990s, the cornerstone for the new Bürgenstock Resort was finally laid in 2008.

Splendidly illustrated with historical images and contemporary photographs, the book takes the reader on a journey from Lucerne to the Bürgenstock Resort and tells the eventful tale of this gem of Swiss tourism.


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Romano Cuonz was born in Chur in 1945 and today lives in Sarnen. Original profession: secondary and vocational school teacher. From 1978 to 2010, editor and presenter at Radio DRS I. Writer and columnist. Publications in Swiss dialect and German. Poetry includes Wenn d Sunnä durä Näbel schynd. Short stories include Schräg in der Landschaft (Verlag Martin Wallimann). Theater pieces and radio plays include Z’ Läid und z’ Trotz (Radio DRS) and Häxä machä (Theater Giswil). Essays include Franz Josef Bucher – Josef Durrer (Brunner Verlag); Viktor Röthlin Marathonläufer. Selected awards and honors: Federer Buchpreis (Federer Book Prize) 1988. Schweizerischer Preis für Mundartliteratur (Swiss Prize for Literature in Dialect) 1999. Kulturpreis des Kantons Obwalden (Culture Prize of Canton Obwalden) 2013.

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