Power to the poor

Power to the poor

BlueOrchard: Experiences for the Future

Ernst A. Brugger, Peter Fanconi, Melchior de Muralt (Hg.)
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There is nothing more powerful than a great idea at the right time. BlueOrchard is the story of such an idea: the vision to mobilize market forces to empower low-income households to create a better life. BlueOrchard was founded 15 years ago, and as a private business initiative, it has grown into one of the world's leading private impact investment companies. BlueOrchard has proven that it is possible to simultaneously achieve an attractive financial return and make a sustainable social impact. This book is the unique, colorful story of BlueOrchard, told by members of its board and management, by investors, partners, critical observers – and, most importantly, by the micro-entrepreneurs and recipients of loans themselves.


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Erscheinungsdatum 15.01.2016

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Ernst A. Brugger, Prof., has been an advisor to businesses and public institutions in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia for over 25 years. His main interest is making sustainability work in business and markets. He is chairman of various companies, an honorary member of the International Committee of the Red Cross and a professor at the University of Zurich. Ernst A. Brugger has served as Chairman of the Board of BlueOrchard since its foundation. He is convinced that the economic and social impact of microfinance is crucial for the empowerment of the poor.

Peter Fanconi (*1967) ist Geschäftsführer und Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats von BlueOrchard Finance sowie Präsident der Graubündner Kantonalbank. Zuvor war er CEO der Vontobel Private Bank und Geschäftsführer von Harcourt Investment, einem führenden Anbieter alternativer Anlagen, sowie Managing Partner bei PricewaterhouseCoopers. Fanconi ist Mitglied verschiedener Verwaltungs- und Beiräte von kommerziellen, akademischen und gemeinnützigen Institutionen weltweit.

Melchior de Muralt is a managing partner of de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co. Ltd., a prominent independent asset management firm and pioneer in socially responsible investment. He acts as treasurer of the Guilé Foundation and is a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Melchior de Muralt has vigorously supported BlueOrchard since its beginnings, as vice-chair, mentor and innovator of impact investing.

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